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Stimulants (also referred to as psychostimulants) are psychoactive drugs that induce temporary improvements in either mental or physical functions or both.Definition of stimulate for English Language Learners: to make. to act on as a bodily stimulus or stimulant Caffeine stimulates the nervous system.As the name suggests, stimulants increase alertness, attention, and energy, as well as elevate blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration.Such a comparison is similar to a comparison against a placebo pill in a drug...

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Such a comparison is similar to a comparison against a placebo pill in a drug trial. and. 1955.Introduction Definition of Meditation The National Center.

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Stimulants. stimulant, any substance that causes an increase in activity in various parts of the nervous system nervous system.

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Stimulant (Disease) Stimulant Withdrawal After prolonged and heavy use of stimulants, withdrawal may occur after cessation or significant reduction in drug use.WebMD looks at ways to treat ADHD with nonstimulants and other drugs.

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The possible side effects of anticholinergics depend on the specific drug and dosage you take.People have used birth control methods for thousands of years.The definition of stimulant in Wordow Dictionary is as: Acting as a stimulant.Peptides are divided into several classes, depending on how they are produced: Milk peptides Two naturally occurring milk peptides are.Immunostimulants, also known as immunostimulators, are substances (drugs and nutrients) that stimulate the immune system by inducing activation or.

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Learn more about stimulants used in the treatment of ADHD. Immediate-Release (short acting) - Releases the stimulant medication immediately after ingestion.There are several reasons for choosing a non-stimulant medication.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Define stimulant: something (such as a drug) that makes you more active or gives you more energy — stimulant in a sentence.A drug is defined as any substance that can alter the homeostasis of the body.

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